7 Myths About Boudoir

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In conversation with a friend, recently, about why I shoot boudoir photography, she said, “I would have never guessed there was a market for boudoir…”

Almost surprised by her statement, but not, I know there are women who don’t believe they could ever have a boudoir session.   Listen, no matter your age, size, or features:   If you are a woman who wants to do it, this type of photo shoot is for you.   Don’t believe me?  Here are 7 Myths women believe about boudoir photography and a rebuttal for each one.

7 Myths About Boudoir Photography


  • I’m not sexy.
    I can show you otherwise!  Boudoir isn’t necessarily about being sexy.  It’s about celebrating your femininity and everything that makes you a woman.  Your photo session is about capturing the gorgeousness of simply being you.  We’ll capture everything from that a laughing smile, to the flirty look in your eyes and even moments of calm and stillness.  And if you’re worried about how to pose all these different ways, don’t even think about it.  It’s my job to capture it.  I’ll  direct you every step of the way so you’ll never have to wonder what to do or how to ‘model’.


  • Boudoir photos are not for moms.
    Lies!  Moms are, in fact, some of my  clients!  As a mom who has done her own boudoir session, I can tell you, we may be the ones that need it most.  Our boudoir sessions a complete pampering experience where you’re the one being taken care of for a few hours.   Motherhood is incredible but it’s not much of a sexy experience.  When you take home your gorgeous photos, you’ll have a tangible reminder that you are incredible, sexy and badass.


  • You must have the body of a model.
    Not at all!   Boudoir is about celebrating you in whatever shape or size you may be.


  • Boudoir photos must me a gift for a significant other.
    False.  Although many clients have used these photos as an anniversary, birthday or wedding gift, , many of my clients are single ladies.  There’s no better reason than “because I want to”.


  • A boudoir photo shoot is only a once in a lifetime event.
    Absolutely not.  You can and should do as many boudoir photo sessions as you like.  I tailor my photo sessions to my client’s vision.  and ideas are endless.  Beauty & boudoir session are a great way to express yourself artistically and try out sexy new ideas and looks. There is no shame in having a photo session, let alone a boudoir session as often as you want.


  • You have to wear lingerie for a boudoir shoot.
    Not exactly, and you don’t have to wear any lingerie at all if that’s not your “thing”.  An A-shirt with boy shorts or an over-sized sweater and undies work wonderfully for boudoir.   Clients have even worn a delicate lace tank and low-rise jeans and felt just as stunning as they would in lingerie.  The options are endless.  I always encourage my clients to think beyond lingerie.


  • I can’t afford it.
    Incorrect. Instead of being hindered by the reasons you can’t, consider all the ways you can make it happen.  Then formulate a plan and follow through.  You’re are worth it and you should treat yourself.  Invest in you for a change.




7 Myths About Boudoir

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